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  1. Relevant content
  2. Know your market. Do a keyword research
  3. Optimise the pages on your website
  4. Multiple blog posting
  5. Submit your website to Google every time you have updated your site
  6. Track your traffic
  7. Continue adding content


Sources of Internet Traffic

  1. Search Engines
  2. Video Sites
  3. Article sites
  4. Relevant Blogs
  5. Q&A sites
  6. Press Releases and News Releases

Traffic Ranking Leads and Exposure

Article Marketing; Video Marketing; Forum Marketing; Blog Commenting; Keyword Research

Free Ride Shortcuts

  1. Search Google, Yahoo and Bing for the keywords you want
  2. Go through all the results on Page 1
  3. List only the sites that you can post on
  4. Leave relevant posts, comments and reply with your own link

Lead Generation eBook Creation


  1. Write a short, powerful bursts of information articles
  2. Have a call to action on every article to invite readers to meet you at a free live or recorded webinar.
  3. Make it only available to Kindle readers.
  4. Use clickable links to send your readers to an Opt-in page on your website.
  5. Use GetResponse to automatically adds them to subscriber’s mailing list.
  6. Get paid to give your ebook away on KDP Select
  7. Monetise the backend by selling relevant products or services via webinars
  8. Profit off your status as a book publisher

This system creates a level of trust, so when the few sales emails come across their Inbox, they’re more likely to open and view them, than hit the delete button. 99-pence price point, it’s a no-brainer for people to purchase the eBook. it’s also an easier way for them to sign up for additional free webinar.

Graphic Design and Marketing

  1. Install a Banner Slider software to rotate the images on the top of the home page with a call to action. 60 Credits
  2. Design 3D logo 70 Credits or 2D logo 35 Credits
  3. Create a lead capture landing page to include the unique selling points of the product, images, video and sale copy and a strong call to action. 160 Credits
  4. Post a series of blog articles about the technology on your website to reassure your customers of the real benefits and the safety of the product. 100 Credits

355 Credits

Although the content of the your website is KING, the first impression and the image of your business is important to catch your visitors attention. You have literally seconds to tell about your product and and ensure your viewers that they have come to the right place before they click the “Back Button”

Exhibition Marketing


The art of making money at an exhibition is a mystery for many.

Are you confident that you will have invited all your customers and prospects to visit your stand? Further do you have an automated system to follow everyone who visited you at the exhibition?

We are a full service online marketing company which provides consultancy and most importantly Done For You services.

Membership Website


– Plan the website strategy – Do a keyword research for the SEO purposes – Recommend suitable design. – Get images – Install and Setup your Membership Website. – Set up Membership Levels and Pricing Packages. – Install an autoresponder to manage your marketing emails on automation. – Develop a Contact us form. – Install and set up a Bookings Form. – Integrate PayPal and credit card payment. – Create website site-map for easy Search Engines indexing.

1200 Credits

On-page Off-page SEO

  1. Keyword Research
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Backlinks x50

425 Credits

Your website needs to be optimised for proper on-page SEO factors including having proper title tags, keyword use, and H tags, review the content for relevancy for key terms, determine sufficient incoming links to beat the competition, and decide on important buyer keywords to obtain additional valuable rankings. Commercial links and back links can be obtained through traditional marketing visits.

SEO Traffic and List Building


Create a high conversion Landing Page for your business and get Google to send Free Traffic to it.
Make money with your content. Article marketing
Get on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing
Get 457 clicks a day to your website and 50 subscribers
Get Free Traffic From our list of 100+ Places where you can Advertise For Free

Website and communications set up

  1. Purchase company domain name URL
  2. Design and build 5 page website
  3. Setup company email addresses
  4. Set up lead generation landing pages for PPC advertising

500 Credits
Mobile friendly websites designed to drive customers and more sales to your business. It comes ready for handling new business enquiries using the company email accounts (eg. and equipt with autoresponder so you can capture leads any time of the day or week. Also ready for PPC advertising.