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Keyword Research and Google Adwords

  1. Research the best keywords for the product and do the Search Engine Optimisation to get organic leads from the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  2. Set up a Google Adwords PPC campaign based on the SEO keyword research.

500 Credits

If you wish your PPC advertising to be effective you got to make it super targeted so you don’t waste your money on non-buyers clicks. Bear in mind that Google Adwords keyword tool suggests the most competitive and expensive keywords for your campaign. A proper keyword research can make a huge difference in reducing the cost of your campaign.

Facebook Ads

  1. Setup PPC and PPI advertising campaigns for your target market on Facebook 200 Credits


200 Credits
Did you know there is a way to put your pop up advert wright on top of well known high traffic websites? This technique alone will surely sky-rocket your PPC conversion rate!

Copywriting For Email Campaigns

  1. Create a B2C sales letter to be sent to your existing clients and the newly generated leads. 140 Credits
  2. Set up an automated emailing service with GetResponse for the viewers who sign up on your website to receive the sales letter via email instantly. 40 Credits
  3. Emailing prospects individually for you (up to 100 leads) 200 Credits

380 Credits

A single peace of sales copy can and have generated hundreds of thousands and even millions of pounds for some businesses. The art of copywriting is the ability of the author to convey the strengths and the beauty of your product through words in such a way which is clearly outlining the benefits your clients are going to get.

This software tool you can use to collect the leads from your website and trigger an automated welcoming message so while the initial welcoming email is sent instantly you will have a notification email and have the time to prepare for the call.

This will also help with building your database of clients and potential clients and keep them safe in one place. You will be able to send newsletters, reminders, promotions etc., all on complete automation.

The cost is about £10-£15 a month. To see the software in action you can signup here for a 30 days free trial.


Reputation Management Online


  1. Look after your reputation management (such as writing positive reviews, get more likes and followers, tackle negative reviews, reply, post and share the positive reviews) in order to build your business as a solid and trusted brand online so you get more sales and keep the competition out. 350 Credits


350 Credits